Lyle Johnson

Lyle is the visionary, founder and leader of Nexlevel Ministries. Presently ordained with the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada, Lyle served as a church pastor in youth, young adult, singles and worship ministry for 20 years in both Texas and Ottawa. In 2000, Lyle left pastoral ministry to pursue his call and passion to take relational discipleship among men to the “next level.” Lyle has earned a reputation as a deeply committed and consistent spiritual coach, mentor and leader among the hundreds of men he has influenced and discipled. His vision and passion for seeing men walking in healthy, authentic Christian community continues to grow along with the ministry he founded more than a decade ago.


Richard Becher

Richard serves with Nextlevel as a director, operations team member and a Covenant Group leader. Compelled by the grace and goodness of this new life in Jesus Christ, it is Richard’s desire to see the Truth being understood and experienced by all who are open. His journey as a child of God over the past 15 years has led to an increasingly simple faith centered on the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Richard is convinced that believing and abiding in the truth of who God is, what He has done for us and who we are as a result, is what leads to our transformation.


Matthew Gagnier

Matthew serves with Nextlevel as an operations team member and a Covenant Group leader. Matthew carries a God-given burden to help others grow into the people He wants them to be. This burden was born out of a “Holy Discontent” as God gave Matthew a burning desire to see himself and others surrender every part of their lives to Him. While being led toward a ministry of discipleship, Matthew was connected to with Next Level and has been part of the leadership team ever since. He and his wife Kelly are blessed with three wonderful children.


Ian Habinski

Ian serves with Nextlevel as a director, operations team member and a Covenant Group leader. Since his involvement in the first Nextlevel Covenant  Group, Ian has been passionate about the importance of living life in community. His own Covenant Group has been a source of immense blessing. Ian feels his Nextlevel brothers have helped him grow in his walk by patiently, gently and consistently speaking God’s truth into his life and circumstances. Ian has a real burden to see other men rescued from lives of spiritual and relational isolation.  Ian loves assisting with Nextlevel events and hopes to be used of God to see many men encouraged and blessed by Nextlevel Ministries. Ian has been married to his wife Nichole for 13 years, and together they are raising a son and three daughters in Barrhaven, where they fellowship at Cedarview Alliance Church.


Bryan Hummel

Bryan serves with Nextlevel as a director, operations team member and a Covenant Group leader. Bryan has been involved with Nextlevel for over five years. As a tentmaker pastor, he gives time each week to encouraging men to develop spiritually so that they can lead others. Bryan has a desire to see men embrace health in their relationships with their spouses, children and communities.


Bill Sangalli

Bill serves with Nextlevel as an operations team member. His passion is to see believers walk in the fullness of their adoption as sons of God and co-heirs with Jesus.


James Tan

James serves with Nextlevel as an operations team member. As a single male, James sought out the life-transforming community that could be found in a Covenant Group. His Covenant Group has been meeting for three years and helps him to stay accountable in his walk with Christ and encourages him to live out his faith in the world. James wants to use his God-given gifts to give men all over Canada the opportunity to  experience being in a Covenant Group, where they can be real and become transformed by God’s grace for the glory of God. When he’s not balancing the books he enjoys reading, rollerblading and coaching baseball.