What We Do

Covenant Groups

Our main focus is to assist the formation of Covenant Groups, and to ensure that the men in these groups begin their spiritual journey together on the right foot. This means guiding them into relational Christianity—following Christ as a band of brothers who are committed to seeing each other pursue the things of God. For most men, this is a new and somewhat unnatural experience. By and large, men are prone to individualism and isolationism, even men in the church. That’s why, we provide biblical rationale, process and structure for developing this kind of koinonia experience. It is simply spiritual friendship, but is not always that simple or intuitive to achieve. Nextlevel helps men and churches inaugurate these kinds of life-giving friendships.

Following their firm establishment as a community, each Covenant Group chooses whatever biblical curriculum or Christian book study they desire. However, now they can study and apply the Scriptures with the encouragement, challenge and accountability that only deep, committed friendships can effectively offer. They are also equipped to be transparent with their lives and pray deeply for one another. The result is spiritual growth. Men who spend time together in the Scriptures, in prayer, and focus on the kind of life God intends for them, cannot help but mature in their faith. This, in turn, affects how men live in all areas of life: their home and marriage, their vocation, their church and community.

Leadership Training

Nextlevel Covenant Group leaders meet on a quarterly basis in a setting we call Forum. This gives us an ongoing opportunity to encourage and equip Covenant Group leaders through teaching, mentoring and modelling from Nextlevel leadership. Forum is also a place where Covenant Group leaders share mutual encouragement with each other and address common questions and challenges related to leading a Nextlevel Covenant Group.


Celebrations are a periodic gathering of the entire Nextlevel community for the purpose of celebrating the goodness of God in our lives. Fellowship, music and testimonies are highlights as well as reports from Nextlevel leadership on the growth and direction of the ministry. Be sure to mark your calendar and reserve this special evening. Check our Upcoming Events section for the date and location of our next Celebration.

Open House

We routinely host Open House events as a way to introduce others to our relationship-focused discipleship ministry. This is where potential new Covenant Group leaders, pastors and other interested men can learn about Nextlevel through personal interaction with Nextlevel leadership and participants. If you are involved in Nextlevel and want to introduce someone to this ministry, invite them to our next Open House. Check our Upcoming Events section for the date and location of our next Open House.