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Nextlevel Ministries operates by faith. This means we trust God to provide our financial needs through the generous, Spirit-prompted gifts of followers of Christ. Our promise is to conscientiously use these gifts to disciple men. We invite all who have a heart for discipleship to partner with us in doing our part to fulfill the Great Commission. We also understand that you may have questions prior to doing so. Below are answers to some of the more likely questions you may have. However, if you would like any other information on how we operate or to understand all the ways to give please contact us.

Questions & Answers

1. What is your track record of performance? Why should I have confidence in you and Nextlevel?

For more than 30 years, Lyle Johnson, the founder of Nextlevel Ministries, has passionately discipled men in the Ottawa area. What started as a personal expression of the grace of God in his life, has grown into a movement of diverse Christian men who have come out of isolation to journey together in a purposeful, authentic, committed way. Where once many of us were defeated or trapped in one way or another, hundreds of us are now healthier, stronger leaders in our homes, our churches and our communities. In turn, many of us are now helping other Christian men walk toward the fullness of the power and freedom of Christ. Next Level’s track record is in our stories of personal transformation. Ask any one of us, we’ll tell you…

2. What are your urgent and compelling needs? Why do you need more/my money?

God has given Nextlevel Ministries a burden for the spiritual health of Christian men in Ottawa. Specifically, we have a vision to see men rescued from the pitfalls and dangers of relational isolation by seeing them engaged in Christ-centered covenant-groups. By visiting a local church on a Sunday morning, a casual observer might conclude from the plentiful smiles and pleasantries that Christian men in Ottawa were living victorious lives at work, home and play. Unfortunately statistics don’t support this line of thinking. Brokenness, hurts, defeats and marital fractures are rampant amongst Christian men. We strongly believe that men can walk tallest and strongest when they share more than just tools and hockey scores with each other. Our passion is to see men relationally connected, learning to encourage and exhort one another through the trials and victories of life. Although life’s challenges certainly won’t disappear - it is an amazing gift of God to see men grow together spiritually as they walk through life together. In practical and profound ways God continues to use these groups to grow and transform men into the image of His Son, Jesus. We are excited to see how the prayers and financial support of our Ministry Partners will deepen the impact of this ministry and extend its’ reach to those Christian men who are still walking alone in the Ottawa region and beyond Your financial gifts will provide a man an opportunity to be involved in one of these covenant groups and to receive training and curriculum to grow in these groups.

3. How will I know you will actually deliver what you are promising?  How will you demonstrate the delivery of the benefits you say I will leverage?

The premise of Nextlevel Ministries is that without covenanted community a man will not grow as effectively in Christ; and with it he will experience God’s love in his heart, life and relationships. There is no way to hide whether or not Next Level Ministries is actually delivering on what we promise. Chances are you are either a direct recipient of the ministry or closely related to one who is. Either way, you should be seeing the benefits right before your eyes. Specifically, you should be experiencing (or seeing in someone) any number of evidences: a deepened commitment to Christ, a softened heart, an improved marriage as well as a growing peace, joy and purpose. There is no report or statement that Nextlevel can produce that is more effective or proof positive than your very own testimony to such things.

4. Is Nextlevel Ministries a registered charity?

Nextlevel ministries is a Canadian registered charity. As such donors can receive a receipt for tax purposes. Our registration number is 853131258RR0001.

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