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The Difference Between a Sin and a Mistake
June 16, 2015
Do You Know the Difference?

In recent years, I have noticed an increasing tendency for people to admit to mistakes rather than sins. It happens at every level, whether someone is caught cheating on their spouse, filing false insurance claims, or shoplifting from a clothing store. [READ MORE]
How do I go and sin no more?
March 23, 2015
One Ontario man’s testimony of how he’s getting free from habitual sins (like pornography, masturbation and binge drinking) so he can now experience the fullness of his life in Christ. [READ MORE]
Entertaining a Response to 50 Shades of Grey
February 18, 2015
50 Shades of Grey is the most discussed book and anticipated movie in quite some time.  That there is even a discussion as to its boundary-pushing morality is in itself an indictment on our culture.  The title, too, unmasks how far we have moved from the moral absolutes we once collectively embraced to the individualism and moral relativism (“greyness”) that says “if we have consenting individuals, who is to say it’s wrong?” [READ MORE]

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