Take Men’s Discipleship in Your Church to the Next Level



1Discovery and Discerning the Partnership

As you discern how best to disciple men in your church, Nextlevel would be honoured to walk through that process with you. It starts with a discovery time where you have an opportunity to fully understand Nextlevel’s model and how it can be a part of life transformation in your church. During this discovery time, we also get to know you and your church, and we prayerfully discern the path forward together.

2Developing Key Leaders

The next step is to develop a core team of leaders that will help drive your discipleship ministry to men. These Leaders need effective training. Nextlevel provide comprehensive training for your core team of leaders that will equip them to effectively begin discipling men in your church, ultimately building the foundation for a movement of men’s discipleship throughout your congregation.

3Discipling Your Men

After the Leader Training Experience, it’s time to engage the larger congregation of men to join Nextlevel groups. We will help you and your team effectively pursue the men; and provide you with the material you need to launch your groups effectively. This part of the process is so important. If you don’t launch well, it will be harder to establish healthy ongoing friendships where real authentic discipleship can happen.

4Discipleship Path

Now that your church’s ministry to men is off the ground, it is vital that your groups and leaders have support in their journey. We will help you establish a support system for your groups and leaders. Additionally, your groups will need a path to follow–a Discipleship Path. Nextlevel provides a 2 year discipleship path for groups to follow that will develop them relationally, theologically, and practically.

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What Church Leaders are Saying

“Nextlevel provides regular training for leaders from a biblical perspective–a vital help and support for busy pastors.”

Ron Rudd
Retired Men’s Ministry Pastor,
The Metropolitan Bible Church

“Nextlevel is one of the greatest opportunities in our nation for men to build that friendship so many need and desire, and literally move to the next level of being a man of God. ”

Kirk Giles
Former President,
Promise Keepers Canada

“I have had a close up look at this ministry and am grateful for it’s effectiveness”

Rick Reed
President, Heritage Bible
College and Seminary

“Without Nextlevel we wouldn’t have a thriving men’s ministry”

Mark Willock
Elder, Revive Alexandria

“Nextlevel helped us develop more leaders in our church”

Mark Kotchapaw
Former Pastor, Bethel Church Kingston

"This ministry has been a great blessing to me, my marriage and family in many ways"

Kenny Wallace
Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

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