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“A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment.” (Proverbs 18:1)

Isolation is an epidemic. If we want to grow and thrive at work, home, and church. If we want to become the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and women that God has called us to be, we will need other women to be on that journey with us. Joining a Nextlevel Group will help you take your life to the Nextlevel, to live a life of purpose, away from isolation. It’s time to accelerate your spiritual growth.


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“Therefore go and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19a)

Would you be open to learning how to become a disciple-maker? According to Jesus, if you are a disciple then you are also a disciple-maker. Every Christian is called to go and make disciples–to be used by Jesus in transforming the life of another. If you want to live out a purpose that has life-changing impact in women’s lives, Nextlevel will train and prepare you to do this as well as walk alongside you throughout your journey.


Take Women's Discipleship in your Church to the Next Level

Women are a vital, indispensable segment of your church body. But with all the areas of church life that you may be responsible for, how can you effectively engage and disciple these women to become thriving Christ-followers? Nextlevel wants to resource your church with a proven communal discipleship model that will not only get women engaged in church life but will help them grow and disciple one another to take their walk with Jesus to the next level.


What women are saying

“My Nextlevel Group challenges me to truly grow. My friends are vital to my spiritual health”

Didi andrews
Group Member

"It’s been a blessing to 'do life' with Christian sisters who know and love me unconditionally"

stephanie pavey
Group Leader

"I am so thankful for these faithful friends who are willing to help carry my burdens”

Kimberley Oueis
group leader

About Nextlevel Ministries…

Founded in 2000, Nextlevel Ministries is a nondenominational Christian organization which exists to provide men and women with the opportunity and means to engage in life-transforming relationships with other men or women through their involvement in a unique small group experience–a Nextlevel Group. 

Lyle Johnson (Founder and President) saw a deep need in the lives of Christian men who were walking and living their faith alone…