Become a Group Leader

You already influence those around you.
Leverage that influence. Become an intentional disciple-maker.

The Group Leader

1 Discerning

The discernment process is an important time to understand whether or not God is calling you to this particular disciple-making journey–leading a Nextlevel Group. Nextlevel wants to walk through this discernment process with you. Let’s meet for a coffee, ask questions, talk about the role, and seek God’s guidance together.

2Leader Training

Once you’ve decided that you want to lead, it’s time to start the Leader Training Experience. This is a 12-week comprehensive training that prepares you to start your Nextlevel Group. Over 120 leaders have been through this training and have been effectively prepared to lead their groups.

3Start Your Group

After the Leader Training Experience, it's time to start your group. We will help you pursue the men, and will provide you with the material that you need to launch your group effectively. This part of the process is so important. If you don't launch well, it will be harder to establish a healthy group. Once you start your group, you will begin to experience the joys and challenges of leading a group.

4Ongoing Support

Once you start your group, you will begin to experience the joys and challenges of leading a group. Be assured, it is all worth it as you watch men's lives being transformed by the power of the gospel. But Nextlevel is going to walk alongside you through that journey. We provide leaders with a two year suggested path to lead their groups through. This path will help direct you in growing your group relationally, spiritual, and theologically.


You need a group of men that will help you grow to your next level of spiritual and relational maturity. So we help you find 6 to 8 of those men who are also peers and are in a similar location to you. However, just like a rocket, a successful journey will require a successful launch. We help propel you off the launching pad using a tried and true communal discipleship model. And then we journey with you and your group as you pursue Christ together.

Taking your life and purpose to the next level is actually possible. But it is highly unlikely without the help of other men who will walk alongside you. A brotherhood of men who will stick with you no matter what. What if this kind of life was actually possible?

What Group LEADERS are Saying

“We grew from a group of strangers to a band of brothers”

Chris Samuel

“The curriculum is so solid–it makes leadership so easy, anyone can do it.”

Mark Willock

“The training gave me the confidence, skills and tools I needed”

Tom Alle

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