Joining a Group

Experience Real Friendship for Real Life

Hear from the men who joined groups


You need a group of men that will help you grow to your next level of spiritual and relational maturity.

So we help you FIND 6 to 8 of those men who are also peers and are in a similar location to you.

However, just like a rocket, a successful journey will require a successful LAUNCH.

We help propel you off the launching pad using a tried and true communal discipleship model. And then we JOURNEY with you and your group as you pursue Christ together. 
Taking your life and purpose to the next level is actually possible. But it is highly unlikely without the help of other men who will walk alongside you. A brotherhood of men who will stick with you no matter what. What if this kind of life was actually possible?

What Group Members are Saying

 “My group helped save my

Don MacGregor

“My group is what brought me through the pandemic.”

David Zhang

“My husband is a better man since joining his group”

Wife of a Group Member

“I was rescued from a
relational deep freeze”

Peter Berghuis

"Having other men to 'do life' with is invaluable"

Jared Jost

“Nextlevel is urgently essential for men like me”

Mark Barfoot

Escape Isolation.
Reach out.

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